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Vishwaguruji plants third World Peace Tree in Carinthia, Austria

In 2010, the first two Carinthian Peace Trees of Vishwaguruji Swami Maheshwarananda, the founder of the system Yoga in Daily Life, were planted in Klagenfurt and Villach to mark the occasion of 35 years of Yoga in Daily Life in Carinthia. In Villach, in the city park, a beautiful Ginkgo tree has been standing since then.

On 7 October 2017, in the presence of representatives of the city of Villach and many participants from around Austria and abroad, another living tree in the Walther von der Vogelweide Park became a Peace Tree, in the hope of inspiring peace on Earth. It is a very special and rare tree, a Hanging Purple Beech, which is already now 3.5m high and should grow up to 25m and reach an age of 350 years!

This latest Peace Tree was planted by Vishwaguruji together with city councilor Mag. Irene Hofstätter Lackner and the director of the city gardens, DI. Hannelore Hudezeck and city gardener Herbert Karl. The Vice Mayor of Villach, Dr. Petra Oberrauner and Sister Andreas from the Monastery Wernberg sent messages of greeting for the occasion.

Peace tree in Villach 07 10 2017 4In his Message of Peace Vishwaguruji said:

“This tree stands here for us, for peace. We all seek peace, but this peace has not yet been created. Day by day actions of hatred and wrath occur. As we said in the prayer before, the power of peace lies in understanding and forgiveness. The tree is here for life, it is like a mother and a father for us; and it is here in every situation, no matter whether angry people pass by or dangerous animals; it stands in cold and heat, in rain, storm, ice and snow. Under all these conditions, the tree will be here, just like a mother for her child, no matter what happens.

This tree stands for peace and non-violence. Ahimsa – not to hurt and we need this very much: peace, non-violence, not hurting...

I am glad that we planted this tree in the middle of a beautiful park and I believe that this place has been waiting for this tree. In the circle of the other trees, it will be a powerful father and mother of energy. Many generations of children will play in its shadow and walk around it and be very happy; and so this tree will be a happy tree.

By the mantras which I have given, it will surely fulfill a positive wish to all who come here and make a parikrama (circle) around it seven times. But only as long as it is a positive wish: for peace, health, the family, our nation, etc.; negative wishes of hatred, jealousy, and such, will not be fulfilled.

This tree in its radiance, is now not only the navel of Villach, but also for the whole universe. Peace comes from our hearts and from Mother Nature.

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti... Peace, Peace, Peace...

Peace tree planting in Villach, Austria 07 10 2017 Peace tree planting in Villach, Austria 07 10 2017 Peace tree planting in Villach, Austria 07 10 2017 Peace tree planting in Villach, Austria 07 10 2017 Peacetree planting in Villach - plate