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150th World Peace Tree planted in OM Ashram on 70th Republic Day of India

For almost 30 years, Vishwaguruji has been planting symbolic World Peace Trees around the world, giving people hope and inspiration for World Peace. The Banyan tree that he has planted on India's 70th Republic Day in OM Ashram, has a special significance. It is one of the most venerated trees in India. It has the ability to survive and grow for centuries and is often compared to the shelter given by God to his devotees.

In Hindu mythology, the tree is called Kalpavriksha – the tree that provides fulfilment of wishes. We wish and pray that the radiance of this sacred tree, together with all the peace trees all over the world, will be a symbol and a step towards the realization of peace on Earth – peace among all nations and religions.

2019 01 Banyan tree planting 8