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International Day of Peace 2016

Vishwaguruji Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda - who is currently travelling round the globe in accordance with His 'World Peace Tour' agenda; an annual event that serves as a contribution to world peace and understanding between nations, cultures, religions and communities - planted a World Peace Tree in Virginia, Alexandria, USA, accompanied by local YIDL practitioners, YIDL US board members, as well members of his international following.

The commemoration was facilitated by the two main guests of honor, Ms Allison Silberberg  and Mr. Bill Euille - the current and former Mayors of Alexandria City respectively. Vishwaguruji dedicated the commemoration specifically to UN SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities and to all UN Goals that entail the protection of our natural environment.

UN Peace Day Alexandria-USA-2UN Peace Day Alexandria USA-3

Another two World Peace Trees were planted by Vishwaguruji during his USA tour, in Atlanta, Georgia and San Francisco Bay, California.

UN Peace Day AtlantaUN Peace Day San Francisco USA

From New Zealand and Australia, across Asia and Europe, to countries in Central and North America, the International Day of Peace was marked by prayers, group meditations, yoga sessions, and tree plantings dedicated to world peace. The international community of SSMWPC and YIDL aims to 'Improve Life Around the Globe' with the fostering of physical, mental, emotional and social health and the pronounced backing of the UN SDGs.

UN Peace Day BudapestUN Peace Day CroatiaUN Peace Day Eisenstadt-1UN Peace Day GyorUN Peace Day Jadan-Peace-TreeUN Peace Day Jadan-Wish-Tree-2UN Peace Day Jadan-Wish-Tree -1UN Peace Day Karlovac-1UN Peace Day Karlovac-2UN Peace Day Linz-1UN Peace Day Linz-2UN Peace Day London-TreeUN Peace Day Nadlac RomaniaUN Peace Day Novo-MestoUN Peace Day Salzburg-1UN Peace Day Salzburg-2UN Peace Day Salzburg-3UN Peace Day Salzburg-4UN Peace Day Salzburg-5UN Peace Day Salzburg-6UN Peace Day Salzburg-7UN Peace Day Salzburg-8UN Peace Day Salzburg-9UN Peace Day South-Africa-2UN Peace Day South Africa-1UN Peace Day Szeged-AltarUN Peace Day Szeged-Tree-1UN Peace Day Vienna-2UN Peace Day Vienna-3UN Peace Day Vienna-5UN Peace Day Vienna-6UN Peace Day Warsaw-1UN Peace Day Warsaw-2